Valparaiso in Depth (App. 4 hours) For In-Transit Guests

Valparaiso is well-known all over the world due to its impressive architecture and because it has been mentioned in world-famous books such as “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville. During the tour you will be able to experience the hilly old part of Valparaiso, as well as the impressive downtown section, and experience a ride on two of the amazing “ascensores”, or funiculars, some of them unique in the world. This tour has been designed for those who want to walk the town and want to “discover” Valparaiso more intimately.

Your first stop will be at the promenade “Paseo 21 de Mayo”. From here there is a superb view over the city of Valparaiso and its bay. Next, your descend to El Plan and pass by the main features of this area such as: the Plaza Sotomayor, ancient buildings, the El Mercurio building, the oldest newspaper in Chile still in operation, the Stock Exchange, and the Public Library.

Continue through Plaza Victoria, which was the heart of all social life during the 1880’s. Afterwards, you will have the wonderful chance to experience a ride on one of the most picturesque funiculars of Valparaiso.

From here you will next visit “La Sebastiana”, one of the museum houses of the laureate Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda. Astonishing in its construction, and also for the enormous variety of different types of objects found here. From here you will go to Cerro Alegre.