Navigating The Rivers of Valdivia (6.5 hrs)

Our tour will begin with a motor vessel ride to Niebla. There buses will be boarded to transfer you to Valdivia. Valdivia is a city surrounded by rivers, so its entire cultural, and economic life is governed by them.

You will arrive at Schuster pier, where the local market is located. Here, a boat will be boarded to take you along Calle Calle river seeing the industrial area, and then, along Valdivia river, having the chance to appreciate the German colonial typical architecture. Then, channels Cau Cau and Cruces river will be sailed, the latter being part of the Nature Sanctuary, formed after the worst earthquake in 1960. The islet called Haverbeck will be seen. Here, before the earthquake Valdivians lived, now, it is uninhabited.

Afterwards we will return to Valdivia, where your destination will be Kunstmann bier brewery. Beer is a German tradition, and they excel here with great flavors. Lunch will be taken here. After lunch, we will head towards Niebla by bus. Due to its strategic location, in 1671, the Spanish conquerors decided to build a defensive fortress, and named it after the Viceroy of Lima: De La Pura y Limpia Concepción de Monfort de Lemus, an impressive name for an impressive site. Visit of the fortress. Then, take the boat back to Corral.