Humberstone & Pintados Geoglyphs (App. 06 hrs)

Discover the desert and pampa region inland from Iquique. During the tour you will see the remains of a once flourishing nitrate town and the mysterious geoglyphs.

Nitrate town of Humberstone. Founded in 1872 at the junction of the Pan-American Highway and the road to Iquique, it is today a ghost town after it stopped operations in 1960. You will be able to see the remaining buildings around the square, including the theater, a general store, administration buildings and even a swimming pool.

Pintados Geoglyphs
Over 60,000 square yards of hill slopes are decorated by more than 400 figures depicting humans, animals, birds or abstract shapes, isolated or arranged into thematic groups. The geoglyphs are estimated to date from 1,000 to 1,400 A.D. and are thought to be part of a votive center.