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Destination Management Chile S.A.

We are a Wholesale tour operator with more than 20 years of experience.
As we know how important a professionally-operated program is for you and your customers, we want to help you to plan the ultimate program, while taking into account both...time and budget. With our creativity and professional knowledge we will be able to create the program you require. We manage creative, unique and personalized programs tailored to your clients specifications, including hotel accommodations, ground and air services as well as special events. So for you it will mean that you will only have one source for all arrangements.
The main intention of our company is:
* To be your "local office" in Chile, that gives you the maximum coverage in relation to your customers while visiting Chile, as well as with local suppliers.
* To provide the most efficient services to our partners, which includes a 24-hour availability in case of emergencies, as well as a guaranteed reply to requests within a maximum of 24 hours.
* To provide all tourist services such as excursions, transportation, accommodation and charters among other.
* To offer the best professional and personalized service in this market.