Chile Tailor Made


Chile has been living an ever growing interest of visitors who wish to experience some of many unique destinations, from the Atacama Desert (San Pedro de Atacama) to the north, Easter Island to the West, Patagonia (Torres de Paine) & Antarctica to the South, Snow Ski to the East and the latest trend Premium Wines in Central Valley. This vast increase in tourism is being boosted by new services and accommodations such as:

• 5* Hotels, first-ever in South America Ritz Carlton and the “W” Hotel

• Various navigation options, including luxurious fly fishing adventure with Nomads of the Seas, fjord sailing to the millenary glaciers of the Patagonian ice fields, world’s third largest extension of continental ice reserve of fresh water. Patagonia Connection, Loberias del Sur, Skorpios, Mare Australis

• Antarctic Cruises, Antarctic Dream, Antarctic XXI.

• Several new boutique hotels, many already rated as most popular destinations worldwide;

Awasi, Alto Atacama, Explora, Casa Higueras, Arrebol Patagonia, The Cliffs, La Montaña & Nothofagus at Huilo-Huilo, Remota, Índigo, Patagonia Camp.

• Natural Hot Spring Hotels newly remodeled; Jahuel, Puyehue, Geometricas, Malalcahuello, Puyuhuapi.

• Wine connoisseur have many Premium Vineyards to visit; Almaviva, Concha y Toro, Matetic, Altair, Clos Apalta, Montes and many others highly awarded by Wine Spectators and Decanter. Clos Apalta awarded # 1 Wine of the Year 2008 by Wine Spectators

Imagine all of this in a country that averages only 100 miles wide! Opposites are 2,600 miles of Pacific Coast Line and Andes Mountain Range; including from the driest desert in the world, Atacama, all the way down to Patagonia with its famed Torres del Paine, World Biosphere Reserve. Other territories off the continent are “Tepito o te henua,”, the Polynesian name for Easter Island and Isla Juan Fernandez, known as Robinson Crusoe Island. On its extreme south are Fireland, and Antarctica.

Chile has long been mentioned in literature and history. It has been part of adventure dreams for those who have read Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, or books written by Jules Verne. Naturalists as famous as Charles Darwin have also illustrated the minds of many generations with descriptions of this wonderful and varied country.

Today, Chile is considered to be one of the most stable and developed countries in South America. Its capital, Santiago, is not only a gateway to Chile, but also a hub for international flights off South America. Within a few hours drive from the capital you are able to ski in the Andes, lunch a delicious seafood platter facing the Pacific Ocean, mountain climb the highest peak in the Americas, or simply enjoy some premium wines in a state-of-the-art winery and later return to the comfort of your luxury hotel in a single day. Chileans have always welcomed foreigners, but just recently they are learning how to pamper their ever growing demand on tourism. Traditionally, Chile has been known for its exports of minerals and copper, fruits and good price value wines. Today this has expanded into other areas where customer service and hospitality are being a source of national income and pride.

Chile invites all kind of visitors to see it in all its dimensions. The country offers adventure, nature, great infrastructure, and more than anything the warmth of its people.

Allow us to be your source of arrangement and take into consideration your clients requirements both time and budget so that we may elaborate a tailored program professionally-operated including hotel accommodations, ground services, and air services as well as special events.